3 Fancy Hairstyles for Long Hair for Every Special Occasion

Looking for elegant and fancy hairstyles for long hair? Don’t know what to do with your hair for a prom party or your sister’s wedding day? Don’t panic. We’ve got some wonderful, and what is more important, very easy hairstyle ideas, which don’t require more than five minutes of your time.

So, doesn’t matter which special occasion you’re preparing for – wedding, prom, or birthday, the following hairstyles will perfectly fit any of them, as well as the outfit you’ll pick to wear this day.

Three Elegant Hairstyles for any Special Occasion

Don’t worry if you can’t do anything wonderful with your long hair on a daily basis. The following hairstyles are created for those who want to look fabulous, but don’t want to spend 5 hours in a row making a super fancy updo. The following three glam hairstyles are suitable for any party and with every set of hairdresser’s skills you have, even if you don’t have them at all.

So, let’s get started with our top fancy hairstyles for long hair.

  • Beachy waves. Even if it sounds too simple, it looks too chic to not being noticed by the guests. Your hair is going to look so much better with beachy waves than that very tight type of curls if combining them with a nice bohemian style dress. So, wash your hair as usual, divide it into two big sections, and use a volumizing mousse on the roots. Then, blow dry it with a round brush and start curling from the bottom, previously dividing it into several sections. Use a ¼ inch curling iron. Curl hair in different directions for a more natural look. Run the fingers on the curled hair to make the waves blend together. Don’t use a brush. Set everything with hairspray;
  • Twisted ballerina bun. Twist your hair as if you were doing a ballerina bun. But when it will be completed do not secure it. Instead, pull it up and hide the ends inside. Secure everything with bobby pins. Then, spray with hairspray. Voila! This is the final result;
  • Hidden ponytail. Put hair in a high ponytail and roll the ends inside. Make an opening with the fingers in your hair and hide everything inside it, including a hair tie. Secure everything with lots hairpins to set the bun in place. This is it. Now your hair is absolutely party-ready.

That’s all for very quick but, at the same time, very fancy hairstyles for long hair. Hopefully, you’ve found them interesting and simple enough to recreate by yourself the next time you’ll have a special occasion to prepare for. So, which one is your favorite hairstyle? Waves? Bun? Or ponytail?