Discover What Are Benefits Of Pin Up Hairstyles For Long Hair

Pin up hairstyles for long hair are beyond competition at all times. This is like an ideal of feminine beauty, attributed to the so called Gibson’s Girl. Arranging hair in such a magnificent way became fashionable at the beginning of the last century in the United States. Pin up trend made women to look like sexy beauties, as those on the photos and covers of glossy magazines.

The base of this catchy image is long hair, lined with luxuriant waves or large curls. For such style, color of hair is not important. The main components are large and feminine curls. Pin up is famous by a bang twisted into an elegant tube.

Pin Up With Headscarf

This is a classic variant which was admired by Hollywood stars back in 1940s. For it, you can use a scarf or bandana. Here is a step by step guide:

  1. Make a diagonal parting, separating a large strand of locks. The main mass of hair is combed back.
  2. Fold the headscarf, giving it the shape of a ribbon. Tie around the head ending to the side in a beautiful knot.
  3. Make a low tail from the hair twisted into a wisp.
  4. With a comb make a bang to form a curl. Fix it with bobby pins so that the ends of the strand are not visible.

Large Curls Pin Up With Bouffant

Before you start, apply mousse on your hair. Follow these instructions if you arrange this hairdo by yourself:

  • Brush a strand from the forehead and wind on large curlers. Do the same with the side strands.
  • Remove the curlers carefully, and fix hair with bobby pins and spray them with lacquer.
  • The remaining curls can be gathered into a loose tail or raised with a hair clip or bow.

For A Real Fashionista

Hope you make sure that you long hair of any color will be beautifully groomed thanks to this invention of last century hairdressers. Moreover, nowadays it may look even more stylish and challenging.

This hairstyle is also very advantageous because the elements of a total look are very simple and accessible for each woman:

  • Choose for outfit light flowing fabrics with bright prints (peas, cage, strip, flowers), blue, yellow and red colors. Speaking of the shapes, these are skirts and dresses with an inflated waist, tight corsets, overt tops, dress-cases. An obligatory element of clothing should be stockings and lace underwear.
  • Shoes must necessarily be on a high heel, platform or wedge.
  • Sunglasses in a large frame, bows, ribbons, belts, and square or slightly rounded bag shapes would be just great complementary.
  • Make-up should be expressive, with bright lipstick, manicure, fluffy eyelashes and wings.

Hope you will enjoy this very style!