How To Look Perfect Doing Asian Long Hairstyles

Asian ladies have truly perfect hair: it’s thick, straight, and shiny. There is a great number of cuts Asians can do and look not only attractive, but also stylish and chic. Asian women give preference to medium or long locks that emphasizes their facial features and feminine style.

Asian Hair Features

Each lady has diverse facial features, hair type and preferences it is worth taking into account when choosing a hairdo. The common Asian hair features are:

  • black color which may look a little reddish or brownish under the sun;
  • resistance to damages;
  • difficult styling;
  • strength.

Most Asian women have thick, pigmented, shiny locks perfect for doing a variety of diverse hairstyles. Asian hair is usually black and straight; it is often hard to dye such hair type and curl it, that’s why it is always necessary to consult a stylist who knows how to manage Asian hair when creating a hairdo. It is also necessary to always use special hair products when styling it, such as wax, gel, mousse, spray gel, etc. This is the only way to make the hairstyle last longer.  

Perfect Hairdos For Asian Hair

Long locks make every look elegant and feminine as well as gives lady a possibility to make a variety of unordinary hairstyles, and change her image every day. Long locks look great with and without bangs, when it’s straight and curled, when it’s styled with diverse accessories or put in a bun.

Here are some Asian long hairstyles options you may easily do.

  1. Straight hair. It is the simplest hairstyle you may try; everything you need to do is use straightening iron, apply a heat protection spray, divide your locks into sections for simplifying the straightening process and start styling your hair. Such a hairdo always looks chic and fashionable.
  2. Curled hair. You may try making small tight or big bouncy curls. In this regard, you need to dry your locks and then use a curling iron. Curls are always popular and are able to make any lady look incredibly elegant.
  3. Braids. You can braid your hair in lots of different ways: traditional, French, five-strand or make a fishtail. You may use invisible bobby pins for hiding your bang.
  4. A bun. It’s women’s all-time favorite hairdo. A bun is one of the easier styles you may try to do. A messy bun, a topknot, a sock bun, a regular bun – all these hairstyles are really easy to do and, at the same time, are chic and fashionable.
  5. An updo. It is one of the most elegant ways to style your hair. An updo is perfect for a date or any other event as well as you may also do in on a regular basis when going to work. You may add some accessories to your updo in order it to look even more gorgeous.

Asian long hairstyles look great on ladies with different hair types and face shapes, as well as are suitable for any event. Everything depends on your preferences and it’s you who decides what kind of hairstyle you would like to try.